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In this part of Team Yes Please we will post ongoing updates and information on the team. We will recognize members who have achieved great things, publish pictures and videos from our travels and events, update important developments from the industry and our companies.

We who have started Team Yes Please genuinely feel that this time, we are more of a movement than a traditional Network Marketing business, and the main reason for that is the team spirit! There is a higher purpose than ourselves since we are a part of the return of helf business and we are all a driving force for the global de-regulation.

Add the Team Yes Please Concept & Strategy  and you´ll have yourself an amazing opportunity!

Network Marketing Lifestyle
Network Marketing Lifestyle - Their business is your business!

There are many perks of being in Network Marketing. Unlike most other businesses or employments, Network Marketing companies highlight and arrange recognition, events, incentive trips and much more as part of their business. And their business is your business! It is all part of the Network Marketing lifestyle.

Imagine being...

Corona and the immune system
Face the facts

Since we are releasing this team site in the middle of the overwhelming times of Corona, it is natural to have that in mind when we write the first blog post. The world, and the people in it, is changing. It is time to face the facts and seize the opportunity!

Have you noticed something different in times of Corona and the immune system? All of a sudden people are interested in...

Network Marketing
Let go of those fears

Common challenges and fears people experience in Network Marketing, is the pre-judgment many have towards the business model. "It looks like a pyramid scheme, I don´t want to bother my friends with a business, I don´t want to sell to my friends, are you making money off of me", and so on.

It is time to let go of those fears! - I mean, what are those based on? Lack of knowledge,...