Concept & Strategy

Concept & Strategy

Many who start in Network Marketing, which you can read more about in the Opportunity section, do that since they have been introduced to a product or service that they like and that they can build a business on. They are really engaged and motivated at the start and they are talking to everyone they know, without having enough understanding and knowledge of HOW they should do it successfully. This often leads to them quitting, and sadly also that they sometimes talk badly about the company, products or the business model. Just like in any other company and business model, you need a concept and strategy to succeed. In Network Marketing it should contain a few simple tools which anyone can use, copy and duplicate. That is what you will find in Team Yes Please.

After more than 27 years in this industry, we who founded the team, have gathered our experience and created the concept Yes please!

As a team member, you have access to all the tools you need in order to succeed, and you will receive ongoing information, updates and support from both your sponsor and upline, all the way up to us who started the team. 

Based on the knowledge and understanding of the Network Marketing business model, we have created a strategy that will maximize YOUR income and simplify your daily work. You will learn more about this when going through the information process up until the point when you get your business started. If you´ve not yet seen the introduction video, you can watch it in the Business section.


You have the option to choose your personal engagement level adjusted to your ordinary day and life. Some people start by using the cannabis and hemp products and maybe just telling a few friends about them, allowing them to earn a couple of hundred dollars or free products as monthly income. Others work more continuously and build up an extra income of several hundred dollars per month plus even more free products for their own use or resale.

But many have bigger goals than that! They want to create a lifechanging career and income, and the amazing thing is that they CAN do it here if they WANT. All necessary tools are in place, and the company we are working with, PM International, is leading company of helf food globally.


Of course, we in Team Yes Please can never guarantee which income you will reach. BUT You do not need to learn the compensation plan in detail, what you need to do to reach different levels of income.

You have more than 50 countries to grow your business in and is constantly expanding into new markets and adding new products to the business. The timing to start has never been better!

Make sure you go through the presentation videos you find in the Business Opportunity section and connect with the person who invited you here. They will help you with any questions you may have, and help you get started when you are ready to join the team!