Founder Team Yes Please

Team Yes Please was founded many years ago when we launched our plan in this amazing business. We started a close collaboration and started planning a common future. Today we released a book, developed a concept that has made us one of the fastest growing teams in the industry.

Hundreds of hours on the phone, zoom calls, trips, and page after page of emails and Messenger, has lead to the results we have so far. This would not have been possible without today’s technology since we don´t even live anywhere close to each other.

We are living proof that you do not need to have home parties or travel hundreds of kilometers, to meet ONE or a few people in someone’s kitchen to build your business. That time is over in Network Marketing, it belongs to the ’80s. Today we are ALL one press of a button from a video conference, a threeway call or an information link sent. What used to take weeks of planning and traveling is now done in half an hour from the comfort and safety of your home. Or why not from a beach house in southern Europe or the Carribean, if that is where you prefer to spend your time and do your business?

CEO & Founder Renè Ritto

This does not mean that we do not meet and greet within the team. The personal meeting is important and has its place, but that´s not where you BUILD your organization and team. That you do through the daily activities using the tools we have in the concept and team, mostly online or over the phone.

When we do meet, we have something called 50/50 meetings, 50% mingle and 50% business. The best of two worlds. These team gatherings, together with Pruvit`s official events, travels, and trainings, are what builds motivation, inspiration, and knowledge, which we then bring to the daily work. The moneymaking activities.

The Book Yes Please

During 2017 and 2018 we put a lot of effort into the book on Network Marketing, which we felt was missing in the industry, Yes please! 

The idea with the book is that you do not need to explain it, or Network Marketing, to anyone. The book takes care of that for you! Read it and use it in your business together with your team, and you will realize the effects. In a normal reading pace, it will take you about 30-40 minutes to read. 


Feel free to read through the Team Yes Please website, and make sure you go through the videos that show how YOU can start your business and become a part of the team. You will find them under Business Presentation.


Team Yes Please