Opportunity Yes Please

Opportunity Yes Please

Since you are reading this, you have said Yes please! to start making positive changes in your life. Congratulations on that choice!

To fully grasp the potential of this specific opportunity, we will start by talking about traditional business versus the model we are working with, and are now offering you.

Traditional business

Many who see, or seek, business opportunities, or looking to start their own business, have money-making as their primary vision, but also the freedom of being their own boss, hence being in control of their time. But simply, they are looking for more time and more money.

With a traditional business, it is a utopia for most people. If you want to do it for real and have a realistic chance to succeed, you need to invest big just to get your company started.

Money from your savings, a loan from friends or family, or other investors. If you manage to get a loan from the bank with just an idea and a business plan, you are a minority. Their threshold has stopped countless of good ideas and has spoiled the dreams of many entrepreneurs. Once you have passed the start-up challenges, you are often in for a tough financial period.

As the entrepreneur and business owner, you will always have to pay your self last to keep your business alive. Most likely you will work more than full time, with little or no income, maybe even for years. In other words, the opposite result of why you started. Less time and less money.

If you are one of those who have succeeded financially, you have managed to solve the economy part of the business, but what happened with your time? Most of the successful small business owners work around the clock, or at least the business is on their mind 24/7, with stress and worry as a common result.

As long as your business is dependent on you and your time, you will never be completely free, even if it is a financial success. You don´t own the company anymore, the company owns you. Your time. Your family. Your life.

But what´s the solution then?

We who founded Team Yes Please speak from our own experience. During 27 years we´ve walked the traditional business path on and off, ending up in similar situations you´ve just read about. Parallel to that, we´ve also walked an alternative path. A path that, today, is the obvious one to choose. So obvious that we wrote a book about it. A path that YOU now have the opportunity to choose if you are longing for more time and more money.

The obvious path Network Marketing and your Opportunity Yes Please

Networking. Multi Level Marketing. Relationship Marketing. Network Marketing. 

The marketing model and the industry has received many different names throughout the years. It is sometimes a misconceived model, where many prejudge and discard amazing opportunities without even taking a closer look at them. We are not going to dive into the model in detail here, that´s what we do in the book, Yes please!, which will become an important part of your new career if you choose this path. But we´ll scratch the surface a bit here.

A common statement within Network Marketing is that “ANYONE can do it!”. We claim that is NOT the case.

It is certainly true that everyone could do it, purely in terms of knowledge, because there is nothing that is technically or theoretically difficult. But far from everyone has the motivation and perseverance needed to succeed. So we would rather say “ANYONE who WANT to do it!”.

What do you WANT?

Do you WANT to work online?

Do you WANT more money?

Do you WANT more time?

Do you WANT to own your day?

Do you WANT to travel more?

Do you WANT to experience a community of positive people?

Do you WANT your job to be a lifestyle?

Do you WANT less stress?

Do you WANT to help others?

Do you WANT good health?

We assume the answer is YES to at least one of them since you are reading this, and we say GREAT and CONGRATULATIONS! NOW you have what it takes to succeed in Network Marketing and Team Yes Please!


When you start in Team Yes Please, you actually start in two different industries at once. Network Marketing and the Health food industry. Obviously, you need to learn and understand, BOTH, not just one of them. Here, already, you have an advantage against most others who never REALLY learn what Network Marketing is and how to work effectively. Most people ONLY get excited by the products and the company they registered with, and they forget about the business model. Or rather, all too often, have no one teaching them.

If you have not learned the part about Network Marketing, the risk is that you will fail and quit, or may not even get started. So for you to not get caught in that trap, we have created Team Yes Please concept & strategy!

When you decide to join the team and say yes to Opportunity Yes Please you will be trained in Network Marketing through the book Yes please! and its authors, and you will have all the tools you need to represent the Health food industry and the company. You start now, and learn during the journey!

You don’t need tens of thousands of dollars to start, you can keep your current income parallel to your new business, you can start making money INSTANTLY with low ongoing expenses. You work when you want, where you want and with whom you want.

Share this opportunity with others and you are well on your way to success, more time and more money.

Welcome to the team!

Team Yes Please